Hearing loss affects people of all ages, but the risk increases significantly with age. While a hearing loss is always a challenge, the holidays are often a time of increased stress and emotion. People tend to participate in a lot of activities centered around celebration, but someone with hearing loss often feels like they aren’t really a part of it all.

There are many reasons that some people may struggle to get hearing help; often they’re afraid they don’t know where to begin their hearing journey, or they’re struggling with other medical issues, lack of transportation or extra funds. It can take time to gently and effectively urge someone to improve their hearing. While we know there are millions of Americans who would benefit from hearing loss treatment, we want to help at least one more patient in the Atlanta area enjoy all aspects of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.
Tell us why you, your friend or family member is deserving of a great pair of hearing aids. We will select one person to fit with state of the art hearing aid technology at the Hearing Center at Eye Consultants of Atlanta. Submit your application by midnight on December 16th.