Preventing Wax Build Up


A leading cause of hearing aid failure is wax blockage. The technical name for wax is cerumen, which is produced by a gland in the outer ear roughly one-third of the way down the ear canal. The amount of wax generated by the gland varies greatly from one person to the next.

Qtips warning labelDO NOT use cotton swabs, Q-tips, hair pins, paper clips, etc. to remove wax from your ears. You may think you are removing wax because you can see some on the tool you are using, but most likely you are pushing it deeper in the ear canal which can cause an obstruction and make it more difficult to remove. There is also great risk of physical damage to the ear drum. Your hearing professionals can readily identify cotton swab users and will advise them with the saying “don’t put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow.”

Cerumen removal kitDO talk to your audiologist about whether it is appropriate for you to use an over the counter cerumen removal kit or whether you must have your cerumen removed by the audiologist or ENT.

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